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At UF, finding your calling is just the beginning. Gators know there is always more to discover. We expand areas of expertise and our perspective. We don’t just grow IQs, we grow as people. We collaborate across departments and levels because together we’re unstoppable. So whatever your interest, we have the college to help you transform it into a world-changing career.



With 22 undergraduate majors, more than 50 areas of specialization and 22 graduate majors, the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) is dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, the life sciences, as well as enhancing and sustaining the quality of human life. Learn More



Fostering creative activity, scholarly artistic excellence and innovation across disciplines, the College of the Arts is committed to developing critical thinking, inspiring a culture of curiosity and imagination, and opening windows to a wider world. Learn More



Through creating influential research and educating tomorrow's business leaders, the Warrington College of Business Administration aims to build a better society through better business. Learn More



With an innovative educational program, the College of Dentistry is committed to cultural diversity, discovery, the transfer of scientific knowledge and the highest degree of service, clinical excellence and patient care. Learn More



The College of Design, Construction and Planning is one of the largest design, planning and construction institutions in the country with more than 1,500 students and five independent professional disciplines. Through initiatives like the construction of LEED-certified buildings and the plan to make UF carbon neutral by 2025, the college is making a sustainable energy future for Florida and the world a better place. Learn More



Collaborating to solve critical educational and human problems in a diverse global community, the College of Education prepares exemplary practitioners and scholars to generate, use and spread knowledge about teaching, learning and human development. This knowledge comes to life with real-world research at P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School, where we can see education changing real lives. Learn More



With 9 departments, 15 degree programs, and more than 20 centers and institutes, the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is producing leaders and problem-solvers who take a multidisciplinary approach to engineering. Through a human-centered approach to innovation and discovery, UF is working on the leading edge of technology to create the engineers the world needs most. Learn More



The College of Health and Human Performance is unlocking human potential through advancing research and enhancing quality of life. Through a broader base and a fuller understanding of the human condition, UF is promoting health, preventing disease, and pushing for greater understanding for a greater world. Learn More



The College of Journalism and Communications is dedicated to advancing the value, practice, and understanding of journalism and communications in a democratic society. Learn More



The Levin College of Law is dedicated to advancing human dignity, social welfare and justice through knowledge of law. Learn More



With more than 700 faculty members responsible for teaching the majority of the university’s core curriculum, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) continually expands our knowledge and practice in the most fundamental areas of  the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences. Learn More



Comprised of first-rate medical facilities and well-trained physicians, the College of Medicine is training the next generation of physicians to serve the healthcare needs of the people, lead the research that leads to life-changing discoveries, and ensure a healthy future for Florida and the world. Learn More



Through dynamic programs of research and creative approaches to practice, the College of Nursing is preparing nurses for leadership as clinicians, scientists and educators. Through a program focused on collaboration, research and quality care, UF is making a greater impact on people’s lives. Learn More



Consistently ranked among the top colleges and schools of pharmacy in the nation, the College of Pharmacy is leading in pharmacy research and service. With a focus on improving health through advancing research, UF is striving to create better medicine and a better world. Learn More



With a new educational model that focuses on the integration of public health problem-solving and individual patient care, the College of Public Health and Health Professions is committed to preserving, promoting and improving the health and well being of populations, communities and individuals. Learn More



The College of Veterinary Medicine is advancing the health and welfare of animals and developing future leaders of the veterinary medical profession. Through a dynamic, collaborative research program, UF is working to create a better world for human- and animal-kind alike. Learn More

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